Westgate is fully committed to the safety of our workers and our clients.

All of our employees are trained with “Safety First” in mind. We make sure that every worker is fully equipped and knowledgeable to avoid any accidents before they occur, and if they do, the next steps to prevent injury or loss of life.

We have been recognized for our exceptional dedication to safety at local, state and national levels. As new instruments are built and new procedures are developed, Westgate makes sure to stay on top of all new safety protocols and equipment.


We believe that all accidents can be prevented, which is why we dedicate so much time and resources to our safety standards. Through the years we have initiated and grown several programs, practices and procedures that help us ensure top quality performance in safety, construction and health. Some of these factors help set us apart include:

A full-time safety technician: The Safety Technician provides safety support to all of Westgate’s jobs by training employees on safety topics and equipment as well as facilitating safety meetings.

Our safety incentive program: Through the safety incentive program, Westgate allows each employee to participate first hand in the safety program by allowing individuals to compete for safety incentives. Employees are given an opportunity to be hands on with safety to ensure no accidents occur.

Management and field technician synergy: Senior management schedules and visits a job site each week, meeting with field leadership and employees, where procedure/policies are one of the items reviewed. This allows for an open communication between management and team, guaranteeing that problems are addressed and solutions are heard. Weekly meetings provide everyone an opportunity to have input in safety planning and played a critical role in the success of zero injuries.

Safety Culture Opportunities: In 2010, Westgate initiated “Safety Culture Opportunities,” with the vision of employees accepting the reality of setting the company standard. Leadership, Training, Planning, Balance of Consequences, Employee Use of Tools, Construction and Maintenance Differences and Assessments have been successful pillars of support our employees utilize daily.

Recognizing scope change: This innovation allows is a scope change “recognition and identification” form, which was instituted to promote the authority of employees at every level. If an employee encounters a condition or hazard that was not identified by permit or daily safety meeting, a scope change stop work can be used to educate all involved about the new condition, tool, equipment, or hazard present.

Safety audits: Supervision and foremen challenge themselves to a goal of two formal safety audits a week. The increase in supervisor field safety observations has allowed for an elevated rate of dialogue throughout the company. Crews now have more indications of where they can improve and maintain their own rising expectations of safety.

In-depth safety training: All new hires whether they are skilled in their craft or new to the craft follow a new employee guide. Supervisors monitor and review their progress monthly for the first three months. Depending on an employee’s role or classification safety training for each employee could be different.




Westgate’s ongoing dedication to being number one in safety is shown through numerous awards since its incorporation including:

  • 2008, 2011 and 2012 STEP Platinum Awards
  • 2013 and 2014 STEP Diamond Award
  • National Excellence in Construction Awards including the 2012 and 2013 Merit Awards
  • GBRIA (Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance) Contractor Safety Awards
  • GBRIA Craft Workforce Development Award of Merit
  • ABC Accredited Quality Contractor Award.

Awards such as these allow Westgate the opportunity to showcase its safety program and its continual strive for excellence in the safety field.


To ensure top quality safety performance, Westgate is not only held to its own high standards, we are joined with ISNetworld, Browz, PEC and NCMS. These organizations review the company’s safety and health standards and confirm our excellence in both performance and procedure.

Westgate is also a charter member of the Maintenance Contractors Association. Comprised of contract companies, the association improves the health and safety of all contractors at the Dow Chemical LAO site.


Westgate participates in the GBRIA audit program, which takes place every three years, allowing a representative from GBRIA to review the Westgate safety program. Through this audit process, positive and negative feedback allows Westgate to further update its safety program according to industrial standards.

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