• ExxonMobil Rockwell Project

    5/19/2014 - 11/30/2015

    ExxonMobil’s hope in this new grassroots project was to create a new blend of lubricant. The creation of an entirely new product leads to trial and error, as well as many opportunities for dangerous machine and electrical malfunctions. With these safety concerns in mind, Westgate’s team of highly-trained and experienced electricians and instrument technicians began […]

  • Shintech VCM/CA Expansion Project

    3/16/2015 – 10/9/2015

    After acquiring the project, Westgate’s team worked out in the field for just short of seven months. During that time we provided a wide array of electrical and instrumentation services. We first installed DCS cabinets, ensuring their input and output modules worked at optimum levels of efficiency. We also installed control panels and tested each […]

  • Honeywell HF Mitigation Project

    1/16/2015 – 10/21/2015

    For this project, our team’s primary focus was electrical and instrumentation installation. One of our chief responsibilities was to install fiber optics and instrument tubing, along with a series of complicated fiber optic panels. Our team of electricians also installed electrical wiring, and to protect the wiring we applied conduits, ensuring safety and stability at […]